Crypto Tycoon

The Blockchain Boardgame


Crypto Tycoon is a collection of 1,000 CryptoTown properties as NFTs - unique digital collectibles embedded on the Ethereum blockchain. It's the first "trade-to-win" community-driven #blockchainboardgame using real money to buy and collect NFT properties across 20 neighborhoods. Monopolize a neighborhood and play-to-earn money by becoming a Crypto Tycoon!

Each property is thoughtfully infused with Bitcoin culture, every neighbourhood has an identity and unique zoning leading to diverse building spreads and community net worths. With over 100+ unique traits, including different property types, home decorations, storefront logos, and more, every house feels special and every building has its own story to tell. There'll be an expanding list of perks and rewards that'll come with being a resident of CryptoTown, and multiple earning channels are planned over time as the game goes on. Your first property is your foot in the door for a chance to play-to-earn through our community treasury funded exclusively through our community-driven royalty system. Your NFT collection serves as both your game pieces and citizenship to CryptoTown. Funded by the players, for the players!

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1,000 CryptoTown game pieces forever!

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Fair Launch, fair distribution: All properties cost 0.35 ETH (0.175 ETH for whitelist), 1 mint per wallet (2 for whitelist wallets)

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Ownership + commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT (Buy your own digital property!)

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Community Treasury: Exclusive fund built for community events and player rewards funded strictly by royalties

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Trading digital homes will fund building real ones for the homeless; 1% of every trade will go to charity forever!

Security & Anonymity

The properties are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain - click here to learn more about the Ethereum non-fungible tokens network. Purchasing or ""Minting"" of a CryptoTown Property costs 0.35 ETH (0.175 ETH for whitelist), with a limit of one mint per wallet in public sale to maintain a fair launch for every player (2 NFTs per whitelist wallet will get the ""First Mover's Advtantage""). All the metadata and images are generated and stored 100% on-chain. No IPFS. No API. Just the Ethereum blockchain. At the time of minting, the full collection will be private. Once the public sale has concluded, a randomized index will be revealed. This is to prevent anyone, including the founders, from knowing who mints which piece to keep the game fair, consistent, and verifiably random, generated in real-time as you mint.

Want to become part of our exclusive whitelist? Join our Discord to learn more!


"We're fully dedicated to elevating the trading experience, being the first #blockchainboardgame company. Make history playing the first community-driven play-to-earn game in a disruptive industry and follow our story through our Official Discord Server. Our team is focused on transparantly achieving our pre-game roadmap obligations based on mint checkpoints until the full game starts at 100% of the total supply is minted. When we reach checkpoints, the community will be alerted the moment it happens. With several expansions to earning channels planned beyond our official collection launch, we'd prefer to keep tight lipped and focus on these pre-game checkpoints one stage at a time, unlocking more project info and hype until full game launch. Keep an eye out for our version 2.0 announcements for more future roadmap updates! Below are the pre-launch checkpoints. Once a target is accomplished, we'll begin preparations right away to ensure we meet our end of the agreement for the community!"


- All pieces of the game have officially been minted and are in play! Once the game starts, we'll be launching a leaderboard page tracking each player's wallet per neighbourhood as well as beginning development on our biggest update yet: further expanding the CryptoTown metaverse! Goodluck and have fun everyone!


- Hello neighbour! We're hosting our community boardgame night! (Up to 20k in giveaways!) Place bets on us as the Crypto Tycoon team plays each other in Monopoly. Participants will also be included in an exclusive Crypto Tycoon event for vacant land pieces.


- Pre-mint officially over! Launch of our members-only CryptoTown channels through our official Discord plus merch store for early adopters! We'll also be announcing news on our 2nd economy...


- Exclusive pre-game community dutch auction (15k worth of items), all proceeds go towards our new charity! The Community Treasury also goes live with a suprise...


- Charity fund started for helping alleviate the homelessness crisis, all thanks to our lovely community!


Crypto Tycoon is a story of a couple of cousins taking their love of competitive late night boardgames, Bitcoin culture, and trading, teaming up with an extremely talented video game artist to create the first NFT #blockchainboardgame. Our foundation was built off transparent business ethics that'll hopefully bleed into our game and culture; we've all become great friends ever since the inception of this project and can't wait to deliver something special -- but most of all fun and rewarding for everyone to enjoy. We'll be adding more stakeholders as our project continues to grow!
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Sam Mikhael

Sam Mikhael wears many hats. He has experience working for Nintendo Canada from events management to digital marketing, coupled with c-suite experience strategically raising capital from investors. Sam's a native to the culture, since he first ape'd into smart contracts in 2019, he finally found his home in cryptocurrencies and the play-to-earn gaming industry. B2B experience to handle future partnerships.

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George Zomaya
(Mr. Banker)

While studying to be an optician, George would do two things: play online strategy games like Civilizations and play the markets. Now after he's achieved his dream of becoming a practicing licensed optician, George just apes into smart contracts and metaverse projects. The man who'll build the bridges between stakeholders and tech teams to ensure effective communication.

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Harsimarjit Singh

A true diamond in the rough, excelling as a freelance isometric vector-art concept artist and 3D modeler for 5+ years, with a wide range of indie video game projects under his belt. It was both after seeing his art and meeting the artist, it was natural. It perfectly emulated the classic city builder look the cofounder's nostalgically were aiming for and we all clicked when discussing the current climate around decentralization of commerce in his native country of India so we had to put him on. #indiacryptobill

Community Treasury Resources

Here are some resources for the CryptoTown Community Treasury, including a full breakdown of the Treasury Royalty System with fund allocation. Every property estimate is determined by a variety of CryptoTown market criteria such as livability, security, ammenities, history, rarity, zoning scarcity and quadrant location, but the CryptoTown free market ultimately decides. Players can expect random Black Swan Events at any moment; in-game chance events that positively affect any given player at random based on where they own property in CryptoTown! The more you own, the more your chances of rewards. Join our Discord for more resources!


Crypto Tycoon is the first NFT collection dubbed something we like to call a "blockchain boardgame ". A trade-to-win model involving collecting the necassary properties in an entire "neighbourhood " to win cash prizes and internet fame! Similiar to traditional boardgames in that NFTs are the game pieces, the Crypto Tycoon ruleset determines trading gameplay incentives for the "collectable digital gameboard ". With a total of 1000 properties split into 20 neighborhoods to collect, players must bid, offer and trade in realtime against global competition on the Opensea NFT Marketplace to "play the game ". Periodically through the members only traderooms, we'll announce events and contests exclusive to citizens of CryptoTown.
Minting a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) allows artists and collectors to do 3 things:
- Democratize ownership of the art collection in a decentralized system
- Store and preserve value in each mint illustrated in a tangible way
- Sell and track a collection verifiably through the blockchain

Learn more about "minting" by clicking here!"
Gas fees” are the transaction fees that users pay to miners on a blockchain protocol to have their transaction on-chain. The system works on a standard supply and demand mechanism. If there is more demand for transactions, miners can choose to include the transactions that pay more, compelling users to pay more to have their transactions processed quickly and efficiently. Gas fees can be high as blocks fill up beyond demand creating supply constraints. The effect causes transaction fees to shoot up with each measured rise in demand. This is known as a "Gas war". Learn more about "gas fees" by clicking here!
A community event coined after the economic phenomona involving unpredictable market occurences beyond expectation, they represent periodic community chance events that shift the CryptoTycoon economy at any moment. They're strictly positive effects on players despite their name and history, providing players an oppurtinity to earn exclusive rewards from us when crisis affects your neighborhood.
To both deter scalpers/flippers from collecting neighborhoods too quickly at the the start and to create a fair playing field for all players. We placed a cap on minting just ONE NFT per wallet to ensure strategic trading can be just as powerful as capital at the start, and to introduce more players into the game at the beginning. More competition means less consolidation, for the best possible blockchain boardgame experience.
Visit our Discord to learn more about our whitelist known as "First Movers". Representing the first players to roll for properties and to move into CryptoTown as citizens. First Movers gain the advantage of obtaining 2 NFT's ONLY per wallet compared to all other players capped at 1 NFT ONLY per wallet. This also contains perks that come with being our first players to play Crypto Tycoon and support our team in the beginning of our story. There are only 2 paths to making our whitelist, both you can learn more about in our official Discord.